Artist Meetup - Spring 24
Mi. 20.03.2024   19 Uhr

Artist Meetup - Spring 24
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On the occasion of the beginning of spring, we organize our next Artist Meetup at Aktionshaus... mehr
Mittwoch, 20. März 2024   19:00 Uhr

On the occasion of the beginning of spring, we organize our next Artist Meetup at Aktionshaus in Tempelhof. Let's meet up in the south of Berlin to find out in a series of short concerts about music that others are currently working on, exchange and maybe find new collaborations, and to welcome spring.

The Music Pool Berlin Artist Meetup is a regular meeting place for musicians in Berlin, to meet and network across scenes and genres, exchange, and maybe find new collaborations and eventually also build solidary connections. Eight short concerts of usually a wide spectrum of sounds and music make up the stage programme, and musicians can apply for one of the slots. The Artist Meetup is a space to get to know other musicians and their work.

On stage, each musician or band has 10 minutes to play 2 songs or tracks live, with a basic setup. It also possible to show music videos or talk about a project. Please do use the stage also to mention what you are currently looking for (your future drummer may be in the audience) or ask for feedback. After the stage programme, there will be space and time to talk and meet. To chat more about the presentations, to discuss potential collaborations, to exchange ideas and contacts. And to move better together than alone. There will be ways also for those not performing on stage to present what you are looking for or offering. We look forward to another meetup of exchange - between scenes, different interests and experiences, and on new joint pathways.

If you would like to apply for one of the concert/presentation slots, please email to, with a link to your music and some info on why you would like to present, by 11 March 2024.

Doors: 7 pm

Start: 7:30 pm


Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 44, 8. Stock,
12099 Berlin-Tempelhof
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